You can easily combine Conferize registration with an external service for collection further information from users, such as an application text or file uploads for call for papers etc. (See suggested services below)

To do this there are four main steps:

  1. Set up your information collection service
  2. Embed the relevant forms on your website
  3. Review applications.
  4. Send registration link to approved applicants.

1 - Set up your information collection service. You need to set up an external service for the further information you need to collect. There are lot's of good service for this, please see our recommendations below. Remember to always ask for users emails, so you'll be able to easily contact them and follow up on their applications.

2 - Embed the relevant forms on your website. Once you've set up the external service add the forms from it to your Conferize website. See How do I add or embed external content on my event website?.

3 - Review applications. Once your information collection process is over, review the incoming information at the external service and export the relevant data. 

4 - Send registration link to approved applicants. You now need to set up the ticket for approved applicants. Set up a restricted acces ticket, and send the link it to the approved applicants. If you have the list of email adresses for the approved applicants you can use the build-in invitation option and customize the text accordingly (e.g. include the restricted access ticket code).

Suggested services for forms and file uploads

Typeform. Allows you to combine forms and file upload

Dropbox file requests. Allows you to have applicants upload files directly to your dropbox.

Dropbox Forms from JotForm. Allows you to combine form fields for information with direct upload to your dropbox

Google Forms. Free and easy to set up forms, but without file upload option. Copy and use our ready-made template for TEDx event audience curation (log in required).

Email. The quick and dirty option. Simply state the information you request and ask for papers to be sent to your email address.

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