Before attendees check out in the registration process they are asked for the following data: Full name*, Email address*, Location, Title, Organization, Website link, LinkedIn profile link, Short bio  (*required).

As the organizer you have access to this data on the users' profiles, and you can export it as a .csv file from your Manage Tickets page once the first registrations have occurred. (Manage event > Registration > Tickets > click the number of tickets sold).

if you need to use the data export to print badges for your event, make sure to close ticket sales in time before the event starts so you have time for the printing process.

How can I collect additional data from attendees?
If you need to gather more information about attendes, you have a few options: 

  1. If the information is general for the event, consider creating at specific type of tickets that includes the information. (E.g. Dinner ticket for Thursday night. Note, that attendees can have multiple different types of ticket for the event, e.g. both a General admission ticket, and a dinner ticket for Thursday night).  
  2. Use the Group messages option (Manage event > Community > Messages) to send a message to all attendees asking them the relevant questions. Collect the answers via email replies or link to a custom page using an external service for collecting information.
  3. Ask people directly via the Message me option on their profile pages. Find the profile page from the Ticket holders overview  (Manage event > Registration > Tickets > click the number of tickets sold).
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