When creating a new ticket, choose Donation. With this option ticket buyers decide how much they want to pay. To make sure that payment service fees are covered there is a set minimum price for donation tickets. We have listed the minimum prices for each currency here below.

Please note, that if you want to offer the option to donate a zero sum, you’ll need to add a corresponding ticket type, and set it to free.

Currency              Currency Code       Minimum donation amount

U.S. Dollar           USD                 1 USD
Euro                  EUR                 1 EUR
British Pound         GBP                 0.9 GBP
Danish Krone          DKK                 7.5 DKK
Swedish Krona         SEK                 9.6 SEK
Norwegian Krone       NOK                 9.5 NOK
Swiss Franc           CHF                 1.2 CHF
Singapore Dollar      SGD                 1.6 SGD
Hong Kong Dollar      HKD                 9 HKD
Australian Dollar     AUD                 1.5 AUD
New Zealand Dollar    NZD                 1.7 NZD
Canadian Dollar       CAD                 1.5 CAD
Mexican Peso          MXN                 20 MXN
Japanese Yen          JPY                 125 JPY
Thai Baht             THB                 40 THB
Taiwan New Dollar     TWD                 3.3 TWD
Philippine Peso       PHP                 5.3 PHP
Russian Ruble         RUB                 76 RUB
Israeli New Sheqel    ILS                 4.5 ILS
Polish Złoty          PLN                 4.4 PLN
Czech Koruna          CZK                 30 CZK
Hungarian Forint      HUF                 320 HUF
Brazilian Real*       BRL                 4 BRL

*With Stripe only

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