Depending on the rules and regulations of where your event takes place, and whether you act as a company or a private person, you can be required to add tax to ticket prices and issue invoices accordingly.

If you need to add tax, simply check the box on the Create tickets page and add the tax type name and percentage along with the your organization or company details. This will add tax to the ticket price calculation, and an invoice with your information will be generated and sent to the ticket buyer automatically. You will have access to download copies of these invoices too on the Transactions page in your Manage event area.

Note that you can create only one type of tax per event, and that you cannot change this information after the ticket sales have started.

If you need additional information on your invoices to ticket buyers or have other special requirements for formatting, you can consider using the Conferize Registration for registration and payment only, without adding tax information, and use a third party service to issue the actual invoices. 

We do not currently offer the option of delayed payment with invoices due to our principle of fast payout. We believe that it is essential for most organizers to recieve the payout from ticket sales as quickly as possible.

Reverse charge option for events in EU countries
From April 2017 we start offering an optional setting for 'reverse charge' for events with the Tax and invoice data set to a country in the EU. The setting automatically removes the tax from ticket sales to companies with a valid VAT number from EU countries, and adds a note about reverse charge on the ticket invoice.


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