Conferize registration supports both free tickets, paid tickets and donation tickets for your event. Free tickets are very easy to set up, and if you want to set up paid ticket or donation ticket, you'll need to follow just a few extra steps to get started.


How do I get started?

1. Set up your Conferize event website.

2. Enable Conferize registration.

3A: If your event is free to attend, simply start creating tickets from your Tickets page.

3B: If you are charging money for for tickets, follow these steps:

1. Set up a payment service.

2. Set the currency for your tickets.

3. Create tickets.

How do I create tickets?

1. Click "Create ticket" on your Manage event > Registration > Tickets page.

2. Name your ticket and add optional description.

3. Set the time of the ticket sales being open.

4. Set the number of tickets available.

5. Choose either free, paid or donation and set the price if needed.

6. Choose the access level for the ticket: Public or Restricted.

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