All tickets can have a waiting list, and it is all set up to work automatically to make sure you sell as many of your available tickets as possible. 

A waiting list can be enabled when you create a new ticket or edit an exiting ticket. When you enable a waiting list you can also set a reservation time. That is the time that a user have to complete the purchase before the reservation expires and the ticket is reserved for the next on the list.

On your website, when the available amount of tickets is reached by ticket sales, the option to buy the ticket is replaced by an option to sign up for a waiting list for the particular ticket. Users can sign up for waiting lists for multiple tickets.

You can see how many people and who is on a waiting list on your Manage tickets page (Manage event > Registration > Tickets) once the first user have signed up for a waiting list.

When a waiting list ticket is released

A waiting list ticket can be released under these circumstances:

  • If you increase the amount of available tickets.
  • If a ticket is cancelled by the ticket owner or by you as the organizer.

When a waiting list ticket is released the first in line receives an email with a link to a reserved ticket. If 10 tickets becomes available because you increase the available amount of tickets, then the first 10 users on the waiting list receives the email.

If you increase the amount of available tickets by e.g. 10 tickets, and 8 people is on the waiting list, then 8 people will receive an email with a reserved ticket link, and the remaining 2 tickets will be available for regular ticket sales. 

Reservation time

The reservation link expires according to the reservation time you have set on the ticket. When a waiting list ticket is not claimed within the set reservation time, the reservation expires and a new reservation is made for the next user on the list. 

The default reservation time is 24 hours. If you predict that you'll either release new tickets or if you allow ticket holders to cancel their ticket up till very close before the event start, you might want to set the reservation time lower in order to make sure all tickets are sold out.
The reservation time is shown in the reservation link email send to users, so they know from the minute they receive the email how long time the have before the reservation expires.

Reach out to users on the waiting list

Another way to get in touch with people on a waiting list is to message them via the Group message option. (Manage event > Community > Group message). Here you can select the group of people on a waiting list for you event and send a message about e.g. a new ticket type being available, news about a future event etc.

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