You can either import an event from Eventbrite when setting up an new event on Conferize, or connect the Evenbrite event to an existing Conferize website.

How do I import an Eventbrite event to Conferize?

You can import your event from Eventbrite when you add a new event on Conferize.

  1. Go go Add event
  2. Choose import from Eventbrite
  3. Choose your event, and follow the next steps.

How do I connect an Eventbrite event to an existing Conferize event?

If you want to connect an Eventbrite event to an existing Conferize event, this is what to do:

  1. Go to My events and click 'Manage event'
  2. Click 'Community', and then 'Registration'
  3. Choose Eventbrite as your service and your Eventbrite link will appear
  4. Click 'Connect event'

If you cannot find your event on the list after connecting, there are a few things to check:

  • The Eventbrite event you want to connect needs to be public.
  • You need to have the proper administration rights for the Eventbrite event.
  • And please bear in mind that we do not support import of events with Group Ticket Registration from Eventbrite.

if you still experience issues with this please get in touch with links to the event website on Conferize, and the Eventbrite event that you are trying to connect.

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