You can forward a ticket to some one else from

All you need is the persons email address. When you forward the ticket, and the recipients accepts it, the ownership of the ticket will be transferred, and you will loose access to the ticket. You will still be able to see the transaction information of the ticket purchase.

If you have forwarded a ticket by mistake, or to the wrong email address, you can cancel the forward until it's accepted by the recipient. If you want to cancel the forwarding after it have been accepted, you need to contact the person you forwarded it to, and have him/her forward the ticket back to you.

I do not see any forwarding option on my ticket. What should I do?
If you have claimed a ticket for yourself, you'll need to click 'Unclaim' to be able to forward it. If you have just one ticket for an event, it's claimed automatically. In that case, simply click 'Unclaim', and you will see the forwarding option.

Note, that you cannot forward a ticket for an event that have ended.

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