This guide will help you get the most out of Conferize as a user.

1. Make sure your profile is updated

By keeping an up-to-date profile, it becomes easier and more appealing for other users to find and connect with you. Change the information on your profile at any at your Settings page.

This includes filling out the following:

  • Your name
  • Your website (if you have one)
  • Your title and organisation.
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • A description - make sure to make this short and accurate and with a focus on your professional background
  • A photo - this makes your profile more appealing and makes it easy for your followers to find you at an event.

2. Add interests

Adding interests will enable Conferize to recommend events that match your profile. We recommend adding 5 of your greatest interests. You can change the information on your profile at any time on the Edit interests page.

3. Connect social media accounts

Find your friends on Conferize and make it easier for others to find you by connecting your Conferize account to your other social media accounts.

(See ’How do I connect my account to other social media profiles?’)

4. Follow people

The easiest and best way for you to know what events your network is attending is by following them on Conferize. By following people, you will know which events they are attending, speaking at or interested in - making it possible for you to connect with them even before arriving at the event.

5. Follow events

By following events you can track the conversations going on and engage with other people in the event community. This makes it possible for you to be part of the conversations, even if you can not attend the event in real life.

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