Send invitations via Conferize

1. Go to Manage event and click "Community", select "Messages" and click "Invite people"

2. Add email addresses of the people you want to invite one by one, or copy/paste directly from your spreadsheet or contact list in you email client. (Click "Exporting from other services?" to upload a .csv file.)

3. Customize the suggested invitation text to make it more personal and adjusted to your event.

4. Send immediately or schedule for later.

Invite via other services

You can send a direct link to invite people via your own email list, newsletter, Mailchimp, etc.

Simply add the following the the event URL:

"my-event-website-link"/invite/attendee (for people you know are attending your event, have bought tickets etc.)


"my-event-website-link"/invite/community (for people you want to invite to the event page)

To find your "my-event-website-link" go to Manage event, click "View website" and get the full link from the browser address bar.

Invite automatically via Eventbrite

Conferize supports automatic invitations for events that are using Eventbrite. To activate this, go to "Manage event" and click "Registration provider".

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