You get two great channels for marketing and promoting your event when you set up an event website: direct and viral marketing. With these you can get more attendees, build the community and sell more tickets.

Direct marketing
Send email invitations directly to anyone you know or think that would be great leads for the event. You can easily import contacts from other services, or simply copy/paste a long list of contacts.
Invite people 

Social and viral marketing
When the community engage with your content it ripples through the Conferize platform to other users following them. It spreads to other social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and it seeps into day to day conversations with co-workers and peers.

The formular is simple: Create engaging content, that makes the community come back before the event starts. Here are some additional guides to do that:

Start discussions
List and invite speakers
Set up your event schedule
Encourage networking between attendees

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