Yes! There are multiple ways of combining a Conferize event website with another website, with multiple benefits.

The primary ones are:

  1. Registration. You can use the 0% commission Conferize Registration in combination with another website. Simply set up your tickets, and link to the tickets page from your website.
  2. Building community. Use Conferize to invite all your attendees, leads and online followers. This creates buzz and activity leading up to the event, increasing ticket sales and attendee engagement. And this way it's even easier to invite them all for subsequent events.
  3. Networking. When attendees join the community, Conferize becomes an interactive attendee list giving attendees the opportunity to network and connect before, during and after the event.
  4. Interactive features. With the Conferize social schedule you can lay out your event schedule with individual sessions allowing attendees to bookmark and create their own schedule for easy overview. Part of the schedule is presenting your event speakers and including them in the online community.

Regarding setting up the domain, you have two options:

  1. Use the basic Conferize link, that looks something like
  2. Use the custom domain option to create a special domain for your Conferize website using the same main domain as your official website. For example, this could be:

To get started, we suggest that you simply create the event website at and browse through the options. Then you can make a decision regarding the domain, and what features you want to use at any time.

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