TEDx events across the globe are using Conferize to build and engage their communities before, during and after the events.

The social event website acts as center for all necessary information. The registration and ticket sales process helps building and growing an engaged community. And the build-in communication tools allows the organizer to always keep the community updated with important news and engaged in discussions about what really matters.

These features makes Conferize an all-in-one solution for most of the basic digital needs and requirements for hosting a TEDx event.

Pricing for TEDx events
Conferize offers all TEDx events a free sponsored PRO package (49 USD/event). This includes a white label version of the social event website with no ads for other events. And it includes the option of setting the custom domain of the website.

Registration and ticket sales
With a 0% commission and no start-up or subscription fees Conferize Registration is, if not the, then at least among the most low cost systems out there. Only the small payment service fee on credit cards applies, making sure that most of the money for tickets goes to where it actually belongs, into making a great event.

Some TEDx events are applying an audience curation process to ensure a diverse audience. This process can be assisted by Conferize and combined with Conferize registration to ensure a good process for both organizer and attendees. Read more about How can I do audience curation with Conferize?

Custom pages for custom needs
The custom pages options ensures that you can set up everything you'll need on the website before, during and after the event. With these you can add and present media and livestream from the event.

Furthermore Conferize have build-in templates for presenting speakers and sponsors and further engaging modules, like personal event schedules and discussions options, that are pretty much perfect for engaging the community around a TEDx event.

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