What are Discussions and how do I use them?

They are a way to engage your community before and after the event; the purpose is to entice conversation among community members (speakers, attendees and general audience) and as a way for you to get insights about your event and your audience.

Post a few engaging questions related to the theme of your event. The answers will be stored as a highly unique knowledge base and a chance for speakers and attendees to share their knowledge with everyone else.

To manage the Discussions for your event, Go to Discussions in your Manage event menu.

What’s a good question?

Anything that sparks answers. It should be specific to your event theme, or specific sessions. Try and strike the balance between being too specific and too general. Also consider making it a little provocative to get more response.

What’s a question?

Basically any question that’s too dull, complex or something anyone can answer. Be interesting and give your audience an incentive to start a conversation!

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