There are multiple options to embed content from external sources. eg. Youtube, Instagram etc. Content can be added via the content editor with a link og via HTML.

Content can be added to:

1) Your Overview page. Go to Manage event > Website > Overview page > Add section

2) A custom page. Go to Manage event > Website > Custom pages > Add page

3) A page intro on any Special page. Manage event > Special pages > Your choice > Page intro

Use columns for layout

Use the column layout options in the editor to create a 2 or 3 column layout and get more flexibility setting up your content. When you use the column layout options you can make sure that the content adapts perfectly to all screen sizes, desktop computers and mobile phones.

Add rich media 

Most rich media content, like videos, images etc. can be added with the Add rich media option. With this you can simply copy paste the link to the media you want to embed. Here is a list of all supported external services. Using this option ensures that you content is automatically adapted to your users' various screen sizes, making sure that it looks good on both desktop comptuers and mobile phones

Embed as an iframe via HTML

Another way of adding external content is by using the HTML option in the editor. Here you can embed content as an Iframe. We support secure content only from 'https'-links. In some cases you can add “s” to a ”http” link and make it work. Please note, that due to potential security risks we do not allow certain tags, like eg. object tags on these pages, and parameters added to a script tag are limited. Also we only allow script tags referencing a trusted source. Blacklisted tags and their content is removed when a content editor is saved. Also note, that the HTML option enables you to break the layout of the page. To accommodate for that we suggest that you use percentages instead of fixed measures for heights and widths or elements, and that you test how the content appears at various browser sizes.

If you want to add a script-based code from a source you believe should be trusted, and your code is stripped when saving, please let us know and we can whitelist the source.

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