With the Conferize social schedule you can lay out your event schedule with individual sessions allowing attendees to bookmark and create their own schedule for easy overview. Part of the schedule is presenting your event speakers and including them in the online community.

The schedule is designed to work for any event. From small events with only a few sessions, in a single place in one day. To big events spanning multiple days, multiple locations and with multiple themes. For each sessions you can add details like time, place, theme, type and description. You can add images and links and connect the speakers of the session.

How does the bookmarking of a session work?
The schedule is designed to make it easy for your visitors to filter the information based on their needs regardless of the format.
Your visitors can also bookmark each session and by doing so add the session to their own schedule. With their personal schedule attendees can easily find and share their bookmarked sessions for the event.

As a bonus, as an organizer you can also use the bookmarks to see what are the most popular sessions at your event.

To set up your event schedule: Go to Manage event > Special pages > Schedule

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