1. Go to your event website, click "Manage event" and click 'Website'.

2. Under "Background image" you can add or change the background image.

Which image should I use?

You'll need an image that is at least 1400x700 pixels. You can use .jpg, .png or gif.

Use a photo that you think will help the audience get a feel for your event. Use the image to set the tone of the atmosphere and the excitement of your event. This space is for connecting emotionally with your audience.

Don't use an image with text or logos, it will make the space look cluttered.

What if I don't have any image?

We've supplied a default photo to keep you covered.

But bear in mind that this is the image that your audience will see first; we highly encourage you to show your true colors to stand out. So the most appropriate thing to do (and the one that we recommend the most) is to produce your own hero image with the help of a professional. Give your event a distinctive identity with a proper hero image.

In case you are in a rush, you can also get a stock image on any of these sites (either paid or royalty-free):

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