If you organize recurring events, you can connect them in a series. This will allow you to build upon your existing community of followers for subsequent events. We simply make sure that users who follow an event in your series also follow new events created in the series.

Create a new event series

First, you need to create a series. You can that when you set up a new event, or you can do it later by editing the event at Manage event > Website > Basic info.

At the section 'Part of series?' pick "Create new" and add the name of your series. 

A good name for a series
A good name is either the common name of your event or something else that signifies the connection between the event. Note that you can create multiple event series in case you have multiple series of events that are not connected.

Add new event to a series

You can add subsequent events to an existing series in the same way. When creating a new event or by editing an existing event.

Note, that followers are only transferred to a new event in a series when it is created, if the start date of the new event is later in time than the end date of the older event. If an older event is connected to a series with a newer event, then followers are not transferred between the events. 

To make sure that followers are always transferred to the newest event in a series, simply go to edit the newest event and click Save on the page.

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