Using the custom domain option will place your website on your own link and minimize the Conferize branding and functionality to a necessary minimum (sign up flows, follow and bookmarking functionality etc). In order to make it work, you'll need to own a domain and have access to changing the DNS settings. If you do not own a domain already, please see further instructions below.

How to set up at custom domain for my event website?

1. Go to My events to find the event you want to manage.

2. In the Website section in the menu choose Custom domain.

3. Follow the steps to set up your custom domain for your event website.

You can add, remove or change your custom domain at any time. The basic link structure will make sure that everything on your website works regardless of the custom domain link. You can share a link before you set a custom domain, and then after you have set a custom, it will still work.

Buying a new domain name

Note that a custom domain name itself is not a part of the Conferize packages. You need to purchase one from a domain name registrar (The cost is usually around 10USD per year). There are a variety of options for this. You can use Domainr to search and buy.

Note that you do not need hosting or server space. That is provided by Conferize. You simply need to register for a domain and change the settings for it.

Good custom domain names

Part of a good branding strategy is choosing a strong custom domain name. Make sure your name or the commonly used abbreviation of it is reflected in the domain. Using the same custom domain name as your hashtag sometimes helps visitors and attendees remember both.

If your event is recurring you can either use a custom domain for the latest edition of your event, for example, '', or you can use sub domains for each event, like '', '', etc.

If your main domain is used other things than events, you can also choose to use a sub domain the same way for your event, for example, '', ''.


When setting up a custom domain for a Conferize website, it will be automatically secured with SSL, so your link will be eg.
All sensitive information, such as log in's and other user information, is transmitted securely with Let’s Encrypt SSL certification.

Other frequently asked questions about custom domains

Why does it take so long for the DNS change to propagate?

Basically because the entire Internet needs to be updated. Domain name servers across the globe are updating the new destination to your domain when you make a change to it.

If I change the link, will the old links to the website still work?

Yes. Any link to your website or sub pages from before your custom domain is set will redirect to your custom domain and sub pages.

Can I use a first level domain as my custom domain?

Yes, you can use e.g. '' (without the 'www.') if your DNS provider supports CNAME-like entries at the zone apex (fx. ALIAS or A NAME records). In that case, simply set the proper record at your DNS provider, and submit the domain here.

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