You can find your ticket here - and through clicking the link in the ticket email that you have received upon registration. On the same link, you will find the transaction invoice if you need that for your books. 

And, if the organizer allows, you will have the options to forward or cancel a ticket.

If you do not see your ticket on the link, there are a few things to check: 

Are you signed in the right account owning the tickets?
We've seen some people creating an account with their email address when buying a ticket. And then when on the phone looking for the ticket, creating a new account using Facebook or Google. The two accounts are not magically linked unless the email address is the same.

Did you properly accept a forwarded ticket?
If someone forwards a ticket to you, you need to create a new account or to sign in with an existing account. You can then accept the ticket for that account.

Did you not claim a waiting list spot in time?
The waiting list is first to come, first serve. There is a deadline you'll need to make accepting a ticket before it goes to the next in line. 

I want to print my ticket!
Really? These tickets are digital. There is no ticket PDF for you to print. You can simply show the ticket on your phone or check-in with your name or ticket number at the event. The event decides on the check in procedure, so check with them a few days ahead how it works.

If you still have issues with your tickets let us know! Tell us which event you are going to and how you experience the problem. 

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