Regulations on ticket sales vary across countries, states and types of events. This includes regulations on terms, accounting, tax additions and refunding. 

You can decide on a range of specific settings to make sure you can set up your event to follow any regulations: the cancellation and refunding policy, the addition of local tax on tickets sales - and you can add any special terms in the ticket settings, so attendees will be aware of the conditions before buying tickets.

Please read the related articles at the bottom to learn how to manage this.

Cancelling a ticket

You can always cancel a ticket manually from your ticket sales overview. You can choose to allow attendees to cancel their tickets themselves too (and to be notified via email if this happens).

If a ticket is cancelled only the actual cancellation of the ticket happens automatically. If there is a refund to be issued, you should do this manually in the payment service where you received the money (Stripe or Paypal). Note that any fees from ticket sales will already be deducted there.

Refunding from the payment provider
In your payment service (Stripe or Paypal) transaction overview, you can match for example the time or the email address of the payment transaction with the time of the ticket sales on Conferize. You can then issue a full or a partial refund of a transaction. Some transactions can cover multiple tickets, so a partial refund could be relevant in these cases.

If you need help matching a transaction with a ticket payment, feel free to reach out to us as we might be able to assist with additional data on a payment.

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Cancelling a ticket
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