If you want to explore what Conferize has to offer and how you can create better events with this platform, just click below to sign up for a 14-day free testing period.

We offer two pricing plans including different features that fit your business needs. 

Basic Plan
This plan is ideal if you are occasionally organizing events for which you need a solution that helps you to create an event website, to set up and sell your tickets in an intuitive and fast way. Data collection and payment will be fully handled through the platform to keep all pieces of event-related information in one place and to ensure seamless check ins at your events.

Pro Plan
If event planning is your daily business, then this plan might be for you. It comes with all the benefits included in the basic plan and lets you and your team members organize as many events per year as you wish. On top of that, you will benefit from exclusive features revolving around establishing better networking opportunities, attendee engagement and performance measurement.

Make sure to check out our page on features & pricing for a more detailed overview.

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