Ready to move beyond events?
We are on a mission to create events with higher value. For event-organizers, Companies and attendees.

Unlike other event platforms we do not have "the event" as the ultimate end-result. Instead our focus is on people. Events are about in-person experiences, right? By putting people at the core we enable you to focus on building and nurturing your community. 


  • Look like a pro. Conferize covers the event-basics: Create your program, present your event (the Industry's most flexible event-website builder) and start register people (paid or free tickets).
  • Save time. Conferize grows with your ambitions, it saves you time and guides you with best practice along the way, so you instantly look like an event expert.
  • Build community. With Conferize you can keep track of every single person and their actions. You identify people, segments, different needs and leads and run personalized events.
  • Boost interest. Conferize provides tools for you, your speakers and your entire community to engage and involve before, during and between your events.
  • Amplify human connection. For everyone attending your event, Conferize delivers valuable insights and features to effectively help your attendees to engage, mingle and grow their networks.
  • ROI and repeat - With Conferize you no longer see your event as the culmination but as a catalyst to build closer relationships, do follow-ups with the most promising leads from the community or simply warm up for your next event.

Please feel free to check out our homepage for more details about us and the Conferize platform. We are looking forward to getting to know you! 

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