Your website is what sells your event. For a good first impression of your upcoming event and to provide your attendees and potential ticket buyers with all relevant information, you can set up a professional event website on Conferize - fast and easy. 

We have developed a code-free website builder specific for events.

How? Just click on 'Builder' in the Website area of the platform to get started. A new window will open.

Note: If you click on "Add new event" you will enter a "Quick guide". From this you will start creating your website. By entering the "Builder" afterwards you can edit your website as much as you like.

The 'Builder' menu at the top provide the main features:


  • Pages - add, arrange, edit and delete the different pages of your website here. New pages are automatically added to the navigation menu of your website, unless you mark the checkbox "Hide in navigation menu".
  • Design settings - choose the colour schemes and typography matching your style.
  • Sections overview - drag and change the order of sections on a specific page.
  • Preview - click to view your event website from the lens of your audience.

Add sections on any page

To add a new section on any page click the blue + centered at any page. A pop-up window will appear. In the left side you will see the different section types. Click on any section to see the different designs for that section. Click on the design you would like to enter on the page.

Special sections

Note that content in some of the sections are managed from elsewhere on the platform:

  • Attendees: Like an online guest list who updates every time a person registers for your event. Allows people to see who's attending your event. 
  • Tickets: Inserts a button that links to the ticket types you have created.
  • Schedule: Shows your agenda. You manage content in your Schedule from the main navigation.

Delete a section

Click on the section you want to delete. Then click twice at the garbage can icon in the left side. There is no way to recover the content of a deleted section.

Remember to remove password

Whenever you're ready to present your new event website to the world, make sure to disable the password (click on 'Page Password' in the Website area of the platform).

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