When creating tickets for your event, you are free to choose whether or not you want to allow your attendees to cancel and/or forward their ticket to another person. Also you can define how many hours a person on a waiting list has to decide whether he/she wants to buy the newly available ticket. 

These rules apply to all ticket types for the event. Remember you have different options on each ticket type.

Go to the Tickets area of the platform and select 'Settings'. 

  • Allow your attendees to be anonymous. Check this box if you do not want to use the Online Guest List and Networking feature

  • Cancel/Forwarding. Define if you allow people to cancel their ticket, and if so set the deadline (ie. up till 1 day before the event starts). The same goes for forwarding. See important info below. 

  • Waiting list. If you enabled waiting list on one or more ticket types you have to define the global rule here. The time you set determine how long a person on a waiting list has to decide whether to buy the available ticket. 

Important about cancellation

If you allow cancellation the ticket buyer will get a link to cancellation in the email where the ticket is attached. If you do not allow cancellation, but for some reason need to cancel a ticket-buyers ticket - you need to do a manual cancellation from the platform. Check the article below.

Further options for ticket settings (for each ticket type)

Cancellation of tickets


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