Go to Tickets in the main navigation and click on "Create & edit"

  • Choose if it's a free or paid ticket. 

  • If you choose paid ticket you are asked to enter currency and price. 

  • Name your ticket (VIP, Early bird, etc.). The name appears on the ticket.

  • Enter the maximum number of tickets you want to offer for this ticket type.

  • Click "Create ticket". 

Important: Remember to activate your ticket

After creating a new ticket type the default setting is Inactive. That means it will not appear on your ticket page. You need to set it to Active before it appears and people can start registering. 

Each ticket has a set of options

Click on "Options" to define rules for each ticket type you provide. Note: These options are specific to the ticket type, so you can set different options on different ticket types. 

Read explanation below

  • Max tickets per user. Set this to 1, if you want to know each individual person showing up for your event. 

  • Tax can be included or not in the ticket price. Set your Tax rate under "Payment & Tax" in the Ticket section of the main navigation.

  • Waiting list allows people to sign up for a list, once this ticket type is sold out. Read the article about Waiting list.

  • Availability. Define when this ticket type goes on sale - and when it should no longer be listed, i.g. an "Early Bird" should have an expiration date. 

  • Describe your ticket. This information is visible on the specific ticket type. For general information on all tickets - check the article about Ticket communication.

  • Hidden ticket is relevant for special offers, etc. Enter a code that the attendee has to enter (sent in a email) before he/she can actually register for the ticket. 

Set rules for ticket cancellation, forwarding and waitlists

How does waiting list works?

Ticket communication

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