Events are no fun without an audience, and the best way of getting your event off the ground is by adding the people you already know, will be interested in your event either by importing a CSV list or manually.

To start adding people, you will need to navigate to People either from within an event or from your Overview.

If you have a custom list or format, please reach out to support, and they will help you get your people added.

Import people from CSV

1. Go to the People section and click the “Add people” button in the top right corner.

2. Select "Import CSV file".
3. Upload the CSV file that you what to import.

Note: When you import a CSV into Conferize, it’s important to make sure that you import the file using the correct format. Conferize supports CSV exports from Eventbrite and Mailchimp by default. If you have a custom list, you will need to use the provided “CSV template” and match the columns with the correct data or reach out to our support team.

4. Select the CSV format you’re importing.
5. Click import. Done.

Add manually / Create contact

If you want to add a specific person, you can do this by clicking the “Add people” button and selecting “Create contact”. Fill out the information of the contact, and select which event you want to want to import the contact to.

Manually adding multiple people?

If you're adding a bunch of people manually at the same time, you can use the "Add another" to save, and instantly add the next person on your list.

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