When you communicate with your attendees you want to convey the right people with the right message at the right time. Furthermore you want to portray your business and your event in the right way.

You want to:

  • Brand your emails
  • Segment your recipients
  • Set up automated sending

All this is easily done with our Email tool.

How to brand your emails.

In order to get started go to Email and select New Message.

You can now compose a new email from scratch or choose one of the pre-defined templates. You can always add new sections to your email by clicking "+". You can choose from the following types of sections: Header, Text, Image and Button.

Header. In order to customize the header of your email, just click the editor-pencil. You can now add your logo from your media library, select the alignment, the text and much more.

Image. In order to show visuals you need to add an image section. Once you have done that, you can add whatever picture from your media library your want. Just click the placeholder. You can add as many image sections you want.

Text. You can edit the text inline in your text sections. You can mark any part of the text as headers (H1, H2), make the text bold or italic, underline it or simply add a link. You can add as many text sections as you want.

Button. If you want to add specific call-to-actions to your email, you can add buttons. By clicking the editor-pencil you can set up the right action behind the button, the right color and the right text for it.

How to select the right recipients.

When you have set up the right look-and-fell to your email, you want to make sure, that the email is sent to right recipients at the right time.

After giving the right subject to your email, it is time to select the right recipients of the email. By clicking Select recipients you get to choose recipients from People - Among other you can segment the recipients based on their type of tickets, if they are on the waiting list or in accordance with how you have tagged them.

By selecting "+" you include any attendee in that subgroup - e.g. Vegetarians

By selecting "-" you exclude any attendee in that subgroup. - e.g. Europeans.

And by combining your tags, you can easily segment just the right recipients - e.g. non-European vegetarians.

How to set up automated sending.

By clicking at Send at you can set just the right time for sending your email.

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