The best event experiences are created when the people attending feel like their part of a community.

Conferize let’s you build a strong community around your events by letting you involve your attendees before, during and after the event.

We recommend you take on an active role as moderator, but also following up on unanswered questions, so your attendees feel included and heard.

How to add a Community section or page to your event website

Guide for creating a community page

  • Open the Website Builder.
  • Click on the Pages tab in the top left corner.
  • Click the "Add Page" button and select blank page.
  • Rename the new page "Community" or similar.
  • Add a Header section to your website, and give your community page a title and a description, so attendees know what this page is about.
  • Click the blue "+" icon below the header, and select the "Comments" section.
  • Optional: Send an email out letting people know, that they can take part in the discussion before, during and after the event, this will increase engagement, and you might be able to include ideas in your talk.
  • Done - As people start asking questions, your community will start to grow, and you'll be able to target these people with emails for future events.

Guide for adding comment section

  • Open your event website in the Builder.
  • Navigate to the page, you want to add the Networking section to.
  • Click the blue "+" icon where you want to insert the "Comments" section.
  • Select the "Comments" section from the side navigation.
  • Done - People will start showing up in the list, as the registrations start coming in. Attendees will be able to see other participants and reach out, if they see someone that they want to connect with.
  • If you want to move the section at a later point, you can do so, by clicking the "Sections" tab in the top menu, and dragging the Comments section to the desired position.
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